Sold in 28 Days -- Guaranteed!

This Guarantee is based on the following:

1. We come to a mutually agreeable list price based on the comparable sales of $   (List Price)   .

2. The word SOLD is defined as a negotiated purchase agreement with full signatures by all parties.

3. Your home is SOLD within 28 days of the list date.

4. The term of the listing is minimum four months (120 days).

5. If your home is not sold within 28 days your commission will be reduced by $    (based on price range)   . And I’ll continue to reduce it every 28 days until it is SOLD. Listing Commission cannot go below 1% of the total sales price which includes a 3% co broke fee to the buyer’s agent firm.

6. You will allow all of the marketing items to take place on the "Marketing Plan" included with this agreement.

7. You will allow easy access to your property for all Realtors with proper notice.

8. The 28 day commission reduction will be credited upon a successful sale at the closing.

9. If a reasonable offer is made to seller and seller does not accept the offer, this offer is null and void.