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Q: Who Represents Home Buyers?


Introducing: Buyer's Agent Services

Listing agents represent sellers. Who represents buyers in real estate purchases? ONLY BUYER'S AGENTS AND THEIR BROKERS REPRESENT BUYERS

A 1983 Federal Trade Commission survey revealed that 71% of buyers believed that the selling agent represented them.

Today's buyers are much wiser.
They have become aware of how the system has been working against them. Buyers now understand the importance of having a professional buyer's agent working in their best interest.

Informed buyers want to know.
The value of their property and they want advice on what price to offer. Negotiating strategies, counseling and critical information gathering are specialties of the Buyer's Agent.

Most buyer's agents will accept the co-broke fee offered by the seller/builder and not charge the buyer a commission. A Buyer's Agent:

  • Acts in the Buyer's best interest.
  • Has a duty to disclose all facts to the buyer.
  • Has a duty to advice the buyer.
  • Obeys all legally permissible instructions.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of the buyer's position.
  • Negotiates on the buyer's behalf.
  • Opens up all properties (FSBO) and ("Not on the market")
  • May provide anonymity for an undisclosed purchaser.

All buyers have the right to representation. Whether you move into town or across town, seek out an agent who will REPRESENT YOU!